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Bird Ring


This bird ring is a great gift for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays! Each bird ring is custom-shaped from a ¼" steel rod, then nature takes over to give it a rusty patina. This design can be left outdoors all year round without any maintenance. The rust coloring may vary, but when used outdoors, the finish will gradually darken to a deep, uniform tobacco color.
Each bird ring measures about 16" in diameter, 20" from end to end on the longest "wire," and includes a rusty hook for hanging.

TIP: Rust is a dynamic finish. If the temperature or humidity fluctuates, it tends to flake a bit. This does not mean it is falling apart, but it can get messy if you are displaying it indoors. To reduce rust shedding, apply light coats of clear spray lacquer, such as Rustoleum, to create a seal without adding high gloss.

Since each bird ring is formed by hand, there may be slight differences in size and design.


  • Custom-shaped and welded with a natural rust finish
  • Can remain outdoors year-round with no maintenance
  • Each bird ring measures about 16" in diameter and 20" from end-to-end on the longest "wire"
  • Includes a matching rusty hook for hanging

About Heather and John Zondervan

Heather and John Zondervan are a talented couple who create all their artwork in their studio situated in Southwest Ontario, Canada. Their backgrounds in custom cabinetry and costume design allows them to seamlessly blend creativity with practicality, resulting in unique and beautiful works of art.
Who knew when John gave Heather a welder for a birthday present that it would evolve into all this? After more than 25 years, they still enjoy the process of bringing new designs to life in steel.