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Cedar Creek's CUPful show is here! This annual event runs through Feb 26, and features hundreds of mugs and cups from across the United States. Find your favorite!

Dapple Ornament

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These lovely hand crafted glass ornaments feature metallic-looking accents dappled across a rich base of color. Each ornament measures approximately 3.25" in diameter.

Aqua has a translucent aqua-lagoon blue base with leopard spots that look like gold leaf, a semi-matte luster finish, and a clear glass hook.
Blue, White & Silver features a base layer of bright, opaque white dappled with cobalt blue spots, with an "eye" of peacock-silver-gold. The ornament is fumed for a matte finish, and has a clear glass hook.
Ultraviolet Blue is striking and variable, with a base color that may look neon purple or ultraviolet, and silvery-blue leopard spots with hints of peacock green and/or cobalt blue. Matte luster finish and a clear glass hook.
Magenta features small islands of peacock-gold float in lakes of deep purple, dappled across a base of subtle pinkish ruby. The ornament is fumed for a matte finish, and has a clear glass hook.


  • Each ornament measures approximately 3.25" in diameter
  • Clean ornaments/orbs with a feather duster and wipe with a damp cloth using a bit of glass cleaner
  • As with all hand crafted items, expect to find slight variations in size, design, and color

About Corey Silverman

Corey Silverman trained as a glass artist while getting his BFA at Alfred University in Alfred, NY.  He lived onsite at Cedar Creek Gallery while working as a studio assistant in the hot shop shortly after graduating, eventually settling in Denver, CO in 1999.
Corey's studies with glass include experimenting with slumped forms, casting, cold work, solid sculpting, and blowing.
After much experimentation, he found himself always coming back to the blown form.