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Flowering Myrtle Earrings

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These flowering myrtle earrings' leaves are cast in hand-painted bronze and accented with white freshwater pearls. Each earring measures about 1.2” long.
Flowering myrtles are born in summer and autumn in panicles of crinkled flowers with a crepe-like texture. The fruit is a capsule, green and succulent at first, then ripening to a dark brown. Flowering Myrtles can fill every landscape need, from tidy street trees to dense barrier hedges. They are common in Southern France, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, and milder climates in the United States.


  • Cast in hand-painted bronze
  • Accented with white freshwater pearls
  • Each earring measures about 1.2" long

About Michael Michaud

Michael Michaud captures the beauty and exquisite detail of nature using soft patinas on bronze accented with pearls, beads, coral and stones. His exacting attention to detail gives you true to nature, botanical jewelry.

This unique jewelry is made by creating molds directly from botanical elements in a process similar to lost-wax casting. A mold is created around the botanical element and as it is heated the plant matter burns away and leaves behind a beautifully detailed mold of itself.