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The gallery is closed today (Saturday, January 22). Stay safe and enjoy the snow!

Hot Air Balloon


This handcrafted hot air balloon looks fantastic in a sunny window or hanging from the ceiling, perhaps near a skylight. It also make great holiday ornaments!

Each hot air balloon measures about 3.5” in diameter and 7” tall. Although the balloons are similar, colors vary slightly and no two are exactly alike.


  • Each hot air balloon measures approximately 3.5" in diameter and 7" tall.
  • Balloons are similar, but patterns may vary and no two are exactly alike.

About Bandu Dunham

Bandhu Dunham began teaching himself glass lamp work technique in 1975, while still in high school. Now, an internationally respected glass artist, author and teacher, his work is in permanent collections of museums in the US and abroad. In addition to his sculptural explorations, Bandhu works with apprentices to design and create delightful gift items and holiday ornaments.