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Joyful Bluebird & Dreamy Goldfinch


With their vivid hues, these glass figurines capture a sense of liveliness and positivity. Each feathered friend is carefully crafted from molten glass, preserving the intricacy and splendor of our avian pals. They are available for individual purchase yet perfectly paired in tandem!
Approximate measurements are:

 Bluebird 4" l x 2" w x 3" h
3.25" l x 2.25" w x 3" h



  • Sold individually
  • Handcrafted from molten glass

About April Wagner

"I love working with molten glass. It is a responsive, captivating material that continually engages and challenges my creativity. I like to play with form, texture, color, and function in my work. "
Wagner's passion for glass is unparalleled by anything else in her life. She is constantly creating new designs and loves the challenge of working with a 2000-degree material.
Wagner and her team of glassblowers work together to create contemporary blown glass pieces. Whether creating functional or decorative work, her approach combines a commitment to quality with an emphasis on sophisticated color theory and patterning.