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Rectangle Bread Board

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This cutting board features a herringbone pattern crafted from a variety of beautiful hardwoods, including maple, ash, hickory, white oak, coffenut, tulip poplar, black cherry, black locust, and black walnut. It measures approximately 13” long x 5.5” wide x .5” high.


  • Smaller sized cutting boards like this one are just right for breads, chopping and preparing vegetables and herbs, and also make a great fruit and cheese platters.
  • Works great as a trivet for hot dishes.

About Aaron Dickinson

Dickinson Woodworking is a family owned business that has been creating kitchenware since 1990. The beautiful varieties of wood used in their wares is sourced locally, and when possible, milled from recovered storm-damaged trees. They love their local woods and want to bring the colors, warmth, depth, and feel of the Indiana outdoors to your kitchen!