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Rectangle Earrings - Sea Blue


These beautiful sea blue earrings are crafted from dichroic glass, a material created with vaporized metal oxides. Each piece is meticulously cut, shaped, and polished by hand, resulting in a unique and visually stunning finish. With their elongated design and delicate sterling silver ear wires, these sea-blue earrings measure about 1.75" and are encased in silver-filled wire. 


  • Handcrafted using dichroic glass
  • Measure about 1.75" long
  • Sterling silver ear wires

About Frank Tuuri

Designer Frank Tuuri has been crafting vibrant glass jewelry in his studio outside Asheville, North Carolina, for nearly two decades. His fused glass jewelry incorporates dichroic glass made with vaporized metal oxides. The glass is fired in a kiln to over 1400 degrees in several layers and requires multiple firings over many hours to produce vivid colors. Each color combination is unique, so no two pieces are ever alike.