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24" Windchime with 8 Tubes


This small chime makes it easy for anyone to bring beautiful music into their home. The rustic outdoorsy appearance of this Forest Green windchime will bring a bit of nature into your life - no matter how busy you feel!
This 8-tube windchime measures 24" long and 6" in diameter. All of the tubes are 5/8" in diameter, and the length of the longest tube is 11". It is hand-tuned to a D major scale.
Chimes may be cleaned with soap and water as often as necessary.


  • This chime has an overall hanging length of 24"
  • Contains eight Forest Green tubes, hand tuned to a D major scale
  • Each tube is 5/8" in diameter
  • Clean with soap and water as often as needed

About Wind River

Wind River chimes are handcrafted and hand-tuned in Virginia. From the carefully designed components to the high-quality materials, every aspect of the chimes they create is designed to produce rich resonance and tone.