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  • Ember Pumpkin

    Lisa Oakley
    from $59.00

    Like hot coals under a crackling fire, the bright orange color of Ember exudes a radiant glow. You can almost feel the warmth radiating from its lu...

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  • Glass Pear - Large

    Lisa Oakley

    This large, heavy glass pear is sure to be a beautiful addition to your home! It was crafted in Lisa's studio at Cedar Creek Gallery. Place it on a...

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  • Long Ornament

    Bandhu Dunham
    from $67.00

    Colorful bands of glass with clear, twisted accents make these ornaments a cheerful decoration for a tree or in a sunny window. Not just for the ho...

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  • Ripple Vase - Tall

    Kenny Pieper

    This stunning blown glass vase showcases mesmerizing blue swirls on a transparent surface. By melting three vibrant colors and carefully manipulati...

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  • New

    Glass Orb

    David Goldhagen

    These incredible handcrafted glass orbs were created by North Carolina artist David Goldhagen. Each orb boasts a stunning combination of purple, bl...

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