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Pumpkins are here! Pick your favorites: online and in the gallery!


  • Octopus

    Alan & Rosemary Bennett

    This small blue octopus measures approximately 8" wide, 8" tall, and 4.5" deep. Fish glazed and fired in an electric kiln. Suitable for display i...

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  • Brown Trout - Small

    Alan & Rosemary Bennett

    This small brown trout brown trout measures approximately 12.25" long, 5.5" wide, and 3" deep. Reduction fired in a gas kiln. Suitable for displayi...

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  • Stoneware Mixing Bowl

    Tim Turner

    This high-fired large stoneware bowl from North Carolina artist Tim Turner is a great addition to anyone's kitchen! Finished with a wood ash glaze,...

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  • Sunglasses Kitty Teapot

    Marsha Owen & Martha Walton

    Who wouldn't want to have a cup of tea with this stylish kitty? Whether you use this teapot everyday, or have it around just so you can enjoy a smi...

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  • Cat Jar with Stripes

    Marsha Owen & Martha Walton

    Beautiful stoneware jar with a cat sculpture handle on the lid. The stripe pattern on this jar is rich and varied, with nice glaze effects througho...

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  • Stoneware Pitcher - Large

    Mark & Huynh Mai Fitzgerald

    This large stoneware pitcher is great for serving your favorite beverages! These pitchers are well balanced, with generous handles and spouts that ...

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  • Sgraffito Vase

    Jennifer Stas

    Vase from Cedar Creek Gallery studio artist Jennifer Stas. Beautiful heron design in the classic sqraffito technique. Bring a touch of the outdoors...

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  • Casserole Dish

    Evelyn Ward

    This large earthenware casserole dish is perfect for cooking and serving your favorite casserole dishes. The sturdy side handles make it easy to gr...

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