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  • Casserole Dish

    Evelyn Ward

    This large earthenware casserole dish is perfect for cooking and serving your favorite casserole dishes. The sturdy side handles make it easy to gr...

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  • Crab or Shark

    Cindy Pacileo

    Little Guys crabs and sharks always get along! Have some fun with these sea creatures from North Carolina artist Cindy Pacileo! A thoughtful gift f...

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  • Napkin Holder

    Mark & Huynh Mai Fitzgerald

    This stoneware napkin holder is not just for napkins! Use for remotes, pen and paper, craft supplies - the uses are limited only by your imaginatio...

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  • Porcelain Creamer

    Deb Harris

    Made in North Carolina, this porcelain creamer features a classic hand-carved sgraffito dogwood bloom. Use as the the perfect accompaniment to your...

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  • Rectangle Bowl

    Tim Turner

    This high-fired stoneware bowl from North Carolina artist Tim Turner is a great addition to anyone's kitchen! Finished with a wood ash glaze and wi...

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  • Soap Dispenser

    Sarah & Thomas Gelsanliter

    Easy to use and beautiful on the counter. Well-balanced with a wide base, this soap dispenser makes washing germs and dirt away almost fun! The sta...

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  • Stoneware Berry Bowl

    Mark & Huynh Mai Fitzgerald

    Eating healthy just got a whole lot easier with stoneware berry bowls from Mark and Huynh Mai Fitzgerald!  We love how small berry bowl sets are fu...

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  • Stoneware Pitcher - Large

    Mark & Huynh Mai Fitzgerald

    This large stoneware pitcher is great for serving your favorite beverages! These pitchers are well balanced, with generous handles and spouts that ...

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  • Three Bud Vases

    Marsha Owen

    Set of three stoneware bud vases. These vases are just right for adding a touch of color throughout your home, or group all together with fresh flo...

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  • Tile - Backyard Wren

    Parran Collery

    This beautiful tile features a backyard wren crafted in terra cotta clay. Add color and life to any room, or give as a gift to bird-watching friend...

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