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Making plans to come out to the 54th Annual Fall Pottery & Glass Festival? Take a look at the Schedule of Events!


  • Shot Glass

    Aaron Dickinson

    These solid wood shot glasses have a custom designed stainless steel liner, and are available in three wood options:  coffeenut (reddish), walnut (...

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  • Bread Knife

    Ron & Christine Sisco

    Cut the perfect slice of bread every time! Fine turquoise is inlaid in the natural cracks and veins of the wood in this one of a kind bread knife. ...

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  • Hardwood Travel Mug

    Aaron Dickinson

    Keep your beverages where they belong- in style! Each travel mug features an exterior of handcrafted hardwoods. With a clear coat finish on the woo...

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  • Chopsticks

    Davin & Kesler
    from $28.00

    Davin & Kesler chopsticks are individually sanded and finished with beeswax to ensure the highest standard of quality. Thoughtfully designed, e...

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