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Pumpkins are here! Pick your favorites: online and in the gallery!

National Teapot Show FAQ

When can I see the teapots?
A preview of the teapots begins Friday, May 19, at 10 am online and in the gallery.

When can I buy a teapot?
Teapot sales begin Saturday, May 20
• online at 9 am
• in the gallery at 10 am

How do I buy a teapot online?
If there's a specific teapot you want to purchase, add it to your cart and complete the entire checkout process. To buy multiple teapots, complete the checkout process for each teapot, then go back and purchase the next one.

Please note that putting a teapot in your cart does not reserve it for you. A teapot can be in multiple carts at once. The first person to check out will get the teapot.

Once it's in my cart, it's mine, right?
No. Putting a teapot in your online shopping cart does not reserve it for you. Several people may have the same teapot in their cart at once. That teapot will become unavailable if someone else checks out and pays for it before you do. We suggest you complete the entire checkout process for each teapot you want to purchase rather than add multiple items to your cart.

What if the teapot I wanted has already sold?
It varies depending on the artist. Call us to discuss options.

Can I take my teapot home right away?
All teapots will remain in the show until it closes on September 10, 2023. After that, teapots will be carefully packed for pickup or shipping.

How do I get my teapot?
Pickup: We will notify you when your teapot is packed and ready for pickup. Teapots that are marked for pickup will be packed for hand carry and car travel. Because of the large volume of teapots in the show, packing them may take up to two weeks.
Shipping: Please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks from the show's close for shipped teapots to arrive. Your teapot will be professionally packed, double-boxed, and insured. Shipping costs are calculated during the checkout process and vary depending on the size of the teapot and its final destination. Because of the large volume of teapots in the show, packing them may take up to two weeks.

Do you ship internationally or to Alaska and Hawaii?
Shipping is available within the contiguous United States. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or international addresses.

If I purchase more than one teapot, is the cost of shipping reduced?
We will group your orders as efficiently as possible and refund any shipping overages. Due to many teapots' fragile nature, we feel the packing estimates are accurate.

Can I return a teapot?
All teapot sales from the show are final.

Are all the teapots functional?
Some are entirely sculptural. Others are completely functional. There are also technically functional teapots, but you may choose not to use them due to their sculptural nature. Refer to the online description of each teapot for more information.

How do you use a functional teapot?
Never put a teapot on the stove. Begin by tempering your teapot with hot tap water for 10 minutes before making hot tea. Pre-warming the teapot lessens the chance of thermal shock from boiling water and lowers the risk of cracking. Once the teapot is warmed and empty, add loose tea and boiling water.

Can I use my birthday discount on a teapot?
No discounts will be allowed on the teapots.

Will this purchase be added to my gallery CRAFT (loyalty) card?
Purchases from the National Teapot Show will not be added to CRAFT cards.

Can I use your teapot photographs?
Photographs and graphics are the property of Cedar Creek Gallery and may not be used without written permission. If you are an art teacher or have an educational need for images, please contact us.

What if I still have questions?
Please call us at 919-528-1041 between 10 am and 6 pm EDT or email us at