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Friendship Ornament


Traditionally, friendship ornaments were made by glassblowers at the end of their shifts in the factories of Europe and North America. The ornaments were taken home and given to family and friends to hang in their windows as tokens of friendship and to attract good luck. Each handmade friendship ornament measures approximately 4” in diameter.


  • Each ornament measures approximately 4" in diameter.
  • Variety of colors available.
  • As with all handmade craft, slight variations in color, size and design are to be expected.

About Little River Hot Glass

Little River Hot Glass Studio is a small glassblowing studio located in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. The studio was founded by Michael Trimpol in 1995, and has been producing beautiful pieces of art ever since.
The artists at Little River Hot Glass work gathering and blowing the molten glass until each piece achieves the balance and harmony they are striving for. They often incorporate processes such as cold working, sandblasting, cutting, and polishing in order to accentuate or focus characteristics of the material.